Shipping Instructions

 If you have any questions, email:

 1. Place device(s) with proper cushioning materials into a sturdy box(s). 

 2. Do not send cases or chargers, just the device being repaired.

 3. Remove passcodes before shipping or attached passcode to each device for proper testing.

Passcodes prevent proper testing. If we cannot test, we issue no warranty.

Providing passcodes are strongly recommended.

4. Enclose a copy of the E-COMMERCE RECEIPT.

5. Enclose a copy of the PURCHASE ORDER, if Purchase Order has been accepted.

6. Seal the box(s) securely.

7. PRINT PREPAID USPS LABEL HERE! If multiple boxes create and print multiple labels. Each label must be unique. DO NOT reuse a label.

8. Attach the USPS label(s) to the box(s). 

We do not accept any responsibility for items damaged/lost during shipping.